Contact Map WebViewer
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Contact Map WebViewer

(or shortly, CMWeb) is an online tool for studying basic properties of residue-residue contact formation and contact clusters.

CMWeb can be used

  • for inspecting proteins only with 3D structure
  • for visualizing contact maps
  • for linking contacts and displaying them in 3D structures and in multiple sequence alignments
  • for predicting residue contacts using various contact prediction methods (currently five prediction methods are implemented)
  • for calculating various statistics on contacts.

CMWeb server utilizes

  • Wt Web Toolkit to provide a fully interactive platform for presenting contact maps and the various statistics made on contact maps
  • OpenAstexViewer to visualize the structure of proteins

You can start using CMWeb

  • by providing a PDB id on the left part of the top toolbar:
    input pdb id
  • by clicking the next arrow on the left part of the top toolbar:
    input pdb id
  • by uploading a structure file using the input menu:
    input pdb id
  • learn more about the usage of CMWeb with video tutorials
  • the source code of the prediction methods are downloadable here
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